16 Jul

One of the most exciting moments for a woman is when they receive a wedding proposal from the man that they love. Moreover, no proposal would have the desired effect without an engagement ring to back it up. Well, for a man who is interested in getting their woman a ring, a pear-shaped engagement ring is one of the best elegant styles to propose. Such a ring design is gaining prominence among the population and is becoming a preferred choice.

When you are selecting a pear-shaped engagement ring, it is best that you ascertain that it is of top-notch quality. One of the most important thing that you can look into to make sure that the ring is of excellent quality is the bow-tie effect and high and uneven shoulders. For the best design, ascertain that the ring is between 1.45:1 and 1.75:1. When the ratio goes beyond this parameters, the diamond is going to look oval. Also, the thin part of the stone ought to be sharp. Since this is jewelry, you shouldn't compromise on the color and quality. People prefer a mall stone with higher clarity and color that has a higher probability of having lesser flaws. Know more facts at this website https://www.britannica.com/art/pendant-jewelry about jewelry.

Common designs of pear shaped engagement rings at www.alexandersparks.com are the conventional solitaire diamond shape that creates a great highlight of the unique shape of the stone. There are very many different styles of pear-shaped engagement rings, and it will be dependent upon you to choose the method that you want. The solitaire design is the most preferred by very many people. Majority of the diamonds are put perpendicularly to the ring. You can even discover some jewelers that put in some unique customizations which are obviously according to the customer's desire.

When you are looking into a pear-shaped diamond, the symmetry is the most important thing. It ought to be cut the same way on both sides. Every point ought to be sharp and in a V-shape. Ensure that the seller has good reviews since their previous clients are the ones that are going to tell you whether they are selling good items or not. It is good to go to the internet and start searching for the most reliable sources via website reviews. Here, you can look into the products that they have and do some shopping. Remember that the best things are always costly and don't fear to spend some more money. Buy here!

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